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At S.A.F.E.R. Families Firearms Academy, our goal is to provide thorough, engaging firearms training to all members of the family, so that you can feel safe and secure knowing that the tools you choose to keep your family safe, can be safe for your family. Our flagship program - Family Introduction to Firearms and Emergency Planning - brings the entire family together to engage in practical shooting training - as well conversations about emergency preparedness - in a fun, safe, collaborative and judgement-free training environment. Our upcoming class - The Concealed Carry Family - is a unique class focused on ensuring that the family members of a Concealed Carrier know what to do when a weapon needs to be drawn. We also provide a variety of License to Carry and introductory shooting classes, aimed at bringing new shooters into our favorite hobby in an environment where both safety and learning are equally encouraged. Each of our classes takes place in a high-tech meeting space in Bee Cave, and all of our live-fire shooting training takes place on private Tactical Bays at the amazing Copperhead Creek Shooting Club. Our highly-qualified instructors bring a tremendous amount of experience to the table, in both shooting proficiency and education training. Be sure to check out our website (www.SaferFamiliesFA.com) for a list and schedule of all of our upcoming classes.

Josh Roberson is a former Army Infantryman and a former Deputy Sheriff. He is Offering LTC classes for $75, Countering the mass shooter threat classes for $85, Fundamentals of 1st Aid for $80, Rifle confidence & maintenance class for $50 (Must have a class of 6 participants for $50 price rate), and Handgun confidence and maintenance for $35.

Contact him:

Web: honorhilldefense.com

Email: Joshua.roberson@honorhilldefense.com

Instagram: @honorhilldefense