If you don't have 4 to 6 hours to devote to a One day LTC class on site, Copperhead now offers online classes (icon in top banner).  As indicated below, Lieutenant Ricky Gavit and Chuck Dear offer range proficiency demonstrations for completion of the online classes. Texas requirement of a minimum one to two hour of range instruction and Proficiency Demonstration Certification to complete your online LTC class.  Bring your online paperwork, firearm, minimum 50 rounds ammo, and your holster/pouch/purse to the range.

Copperhead retains a stable of highly qualified instructors offering classes on our ranges and in our classroom at the club house.

Our Current Classes Offered:

  • Certified National Sporting Clays Association Clay and Wing Sports Lessons

  • Texas LTC (License To Carry)

  • Online Texas LTC Classes to be completed within your schedule.

  • Texas LTC Proficiency Demonstration for Online LTC Class

  • NRA Basic Handgun Instruction*

  • NRA Basic Rifle Instruction*

  • NRA Range Safety Officer Class*

  • TPWD Hunter's Education*

  • Private Firearm Lessons

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Tactical Self-Defense


National Sporting Clays Association Level III Clay and Wing Sports Instructor, Martin Jones, Member NSCA Hall of Fame,, Home: (325) 379-1492, Cell: (210) 380-7956

National Sporting Clays Association Level II Clay and Wing Sports Instructor, Bob Williamson, Wing Shooting Instructor,, Cell (217) 725-4934

Charles Dear is a fireman holding LTC classes for $65.  Discounted price for Teachers, 1st Responders, or a large group.  His contact information is (512) 673-3732 or  Proficiency Demonstration for Online LTC Class $45

Lieutenant Ricky Gavit is an active Law Enforcement Instructor is holding LTC classes for $80. His contact information is (512) 762-9246 or  Proficiency Demonstration for Online LTC Class is $75.  Please bring your personal restraint holster, purse, or waist pouch holster.


Paul Christ is a retired police Lieutenant, retired Master Chief, Master-at-Arms, USN, Navy small arms instructor.  He is offering LTC classes for $75.  This price is for classroom or online Proficiency Demonstration Certification. (Must have at least 5 participants for the $75 price)  Private lessons available for $75 per hour, per person.  Call or email for private and group/special rates.  512-468-9113

*Classes of five or more students.  Instructor Maurice Dowdie, 281-867-7746, email







Austin Hot Shots is a firearms shooting academy specializing in shotgun sports, wing shooting and handgun proficiency since 2009.  Classes with Renee include intro to shotguns, intermediate shotgun, intro to handguns as well as intermediate/defensive handgun instruction.  Texas License to Carry classes are available as well.  Group and individual lessons for both shotgun and handgun.  No need to own your own firearm for your lessons with me.  Instruction is carefully tailored to the skill level of the student.  Classes taught by Renee Blaine, Tx DPS Certified License to Carry Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol and Shotgun Instructor and Range Safety Officer.

Texas Hotshots.jpeg
Kavin Edwards, LTC Instructor

U.S. Army Veteran and Patriot, with over 25 years experience in instructing others in topics related to Law Enforcement, Security, fitness, firearms and personal-defense. A TCOLE Certified Firearms Instructor & TXDPS Regulatory Service Division LTC Instructor who is knowledgeable in the application of State and Federal laws. 



A Texas Department of Public Safety, Special Agent (Retired) with over 30 years of public safety experience, who is highly trained in tactical operations, Courthouse Security Security, Church Security, Dignitary Protection, and Self-Defense. Effective firearm instructor, who is knowledgeable in firearms safety, marksmanship, analyzing/correcting shooter imperfections, use of force, self defense, handguns, tactical/sporting rifles and shotguns.

S.A.F.E.R Families

As Certified Instructors with the United States Concealed Carry Association, we have the ability to offer a variety of classes in self defense and firearms training.  We offer classes for both individual adults and kids, as well as our flagship full-family firearms safety and training program. Please click through each of our courses to learn more and sign up for each class! 


All classes taught at SAFER Families Firearms Academy are run by our USCCA Certified instructors!


Copperhead Creek Shooting Club Classrooms


Copperhead Creek Shooting Club Classrooms


Copperhead Creek Shooting Club Classrooms


Copperhead Creek Shooting Club Classrooms