"Public Announcement"

6'  social distancing is an exception but mask must be readily available to use,

not if, but when this space is violated.

Persons who refuse to wear appropriate facial covering
will be denied admission or will be asked to leave.

Note changes on tactical bay rentals.  When tactical bays reach capacity, a two hour limit will be applied.  As long as we have a waiting list for the tactical bays, the rental time will be limited to two hours.  To extend your time on a tactical bay, call clubhouse to see if there is a waiting list.  If not, you may stay longer.

While on a waiting list for tactical bays, you may use the family range to warm-up.  Even more fun is to shoot sporting clays, super sporting, 5-stand, wobble trap, or skeet while you wait.  If you didn't bring a shotgun, we will give you a free rental of shotgun while you're on the tactical bay wait list.

Copperhead is back to normal range activities and hours.  Tactical bays and 600 yard range are closed on Monday and Tuesday so ranch staff may work the ranges.  Family range and all clay ranges open to members and their guest 7 days a week sunrise to sunset.  All ranges open to public Wednesday through Sunday during normal summer operational hours.

We are a full service and family friendly shooting club with a wholesale website for ordering firearms and ammunition. We are open to the public Wednesday through Sunday and most major holidays. The front gate on Hwy 1431 will be locked at 3:00 PM on Sundays and Holidays.

All of our ranges were built to NRA specifications. Safety is our biggest priority. Our RSO's are certified by the NRA. Please read our range rules before you come out. Our rules are strictly enforced by range officials and park rangers, and we have a strict Zero Tolerance Policy. All desiring to use the 600 yard range must be certificated. This is no charge to pass holders or $50 for public guest. This certification consists of a written test and the ability to maintain a 1" group at 100 yards. Relax and give it your best shot! You will have 3 trys before having the expense to be recertified. "Failure to adhere to range rules and/or park ranger or staff direction will result in immediate removal and being banned from the club."

No Buckshot firing firearms (Shotgun, Rifle, nor Pistol) are permitted on the Pistol or 100 yard rifle ranges. Use our Pattern Shotgun Range at no extra charge located adjacent to the club house. Absolutely no armor piercing, steel core, Bi-Metal FMJ's, explosive, or incendiary rounds permitted. Please bring all ammunition into the clubhouse at check in to have the bullets magnet tested. Absolutely no hi-power/magnum rifle rounds above .311 caliber permitted on any of Copperhead Creeks shooting ranges, you are financially and morally responsible for every shot you fire.  Rental pistols, rifles, and shotguns are available with our range ammunition only.

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If you can't find the firearm of your choice on our above links, send your request by email so we order the correct firearm for you.  Once firearm is located you may call in with a debit/credit card to make the down payment of 50%.  When the firearm arrives, we will contact you to set up a one on one delivery of your firearm at the clubhouse along with paying the balance of the order.


In addition to our wholesale website, inside of our 5,000 sq. ft. clubhouse, we sell ammunition, targets, and shooting accessories (targets, hearing protection, etc). We loan staplers for you to mount targets to our backing.

We can also order firearms for you with (no transfer fees or provide FFL transfer services $35 public / $25 members).  All firearm buyers must pass an FBI background check unless buyer has a Texas LTC. Please contact us for more information.

If you have a valid Texas LTC you must follow Texas handgun regulations. If you don't have an Texas LTC, firearms must be empty with actions locked open unless you are on a hot firing line.

If you've got an off-road machine (4x4,atv, utv, or dirt bike) than our location might just be a perfect combination of shooting and riding. We are located about 1-mile inside Hidden Falls Adventure Park (HFAP). HFAP is a 2800 acre off-road park with camping amenities as well. Go to www.HiddenFallsAdventurePark.com for more details.






7030 E FM 1431 | MARBLE FALLS, TX 78654

PHONE: (830) 265-4950